Samuel Kaboo Morris

Samuel Kaboo Morris PortraitIt is an amazing on-going phenomenon: Samuel “Kaboo” Morris, a student from Liberia who attended Taylor University in the late 19th century and died of a respiratory illness after only 18 months, continues to touch lives as one of the most significant individuals to have influenced the institution since its beginnings in 1846.

How do we account for the amazing influence of Samuel Morris? How do we explain the fact that this unlettered young man, with no earthly credentials, came from "nowhere" to attend a struggling American university and was instrumental in saving it from bankruptcy or extinction?

How do we explain the inquiries that keep coming from around the world, telling stories like Thaddeus Reade's Samuel Morris and Jorge Masa's Angel in Ebony, of the way these accounts have changed their lives? Simply stated, we recognize these as testimonies to the power of the Holy Spirit.

We invite you to learn more about the Angel in Ebony: his story, the people he personally touched and his impact still today. And if you wish, submit your own story of how Samuel Morris has influenced your life.