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Spencer-Intercultural Research

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly connected. As today's world becomes a more global community, the number of students participating in study-abroad programs is increasing (Gardner, 2008).  It is crucial that future leaders participate in study-abroad programs or other cross cultural experiences to raise their awareness and understanding of other cultures (NAFSA, 2000). By engaging in such intercultural experiences, students are gaining abilities which help them to interact effectively in our global society.

There is a need to assess the impact of intercultural experiences on young people.  A few studies have been done to assess the effects of intercultural experiences on undergraduate students, however, there is still a need for studies with control groups which can holistically evaluate the effects of such experiences on students.

The Taylor University Intercultural Inventory (TUII) measures the intellectual, interpersonal, and spiritual development in regards to knowledge, awareness, attitudes, behavior/skills, and intrapersonal growth in students due to intercultural experiences. This survey coupled with interviews and other research make up the heart of Taylor University's Intercultural Study.