EcuadorGlobal Initiatives

In the process toward the selection of the sites for  global centers, many initiatives are on-going, often the result of Lighthouse team visits while others are the result of contacts by faculty and staff. Still others consist of on-going programs already in existence before the founding of the Centre for Global Engagement.

Among the most prominent are:

  • Ireland: The Irish Studies Program was begun in 2000 and is located at Greystones, south of Dublin. The program has had proven success with full capacity student enrollment each semester. General Education offerings as well as a growing number of ministry opportunities make this a very desirable potential center.
  • Ecuador: The city of Cuenca, a UN World Heritage Trust city, now has an on-going Taylor University presence. Begun with a biological science program, a host of other opportunities now exist both in academics and in outreach. Partners in Cuenca include a major church, radio station, universities, medical facilities and Christian organizations.
  • Other on-going initiatives between Taylor University and various institutions and organizations exist in the Bahamas, South Korea, India, Italy, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Singapore and a number of other nations. Many are in the preliminary stage.