Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I participate in a study abroad program, can I still graduate on time?

This may depend upon the student’s major as well as how many credits are earned in the study abroad program.

Q: Is every Taylor University student required to participate in a program somewhere in the world?

No. Costs, scheduling, and other factors may preclude such participation. However, all students are required to have one cross-cultural credit as part of the General Education requirement and all students are encouraged to become globally engaged through their course work, on-campus activities, learning, thinking, and praying as part of the process of becoming world Christians.

Q: What about safety issues when students travel abroad?

Every precaution is taken in planning a Taylor University global initiative. Such issues as healthcare, housing, personal safety, logistics, environment, food, water and political stability are all taken into consideration.

Q: What will global engagement do for me as a student?

Most students who have had such an experience say that their lives are never quite the same thereafter. Their worldview is greatly expanded. They see their own lives in a different perspective and gain a firsthand understanding of the issues that other peoples of the world deal with. Most of all, they become world Christians whose prayer lives and commitment to the Great Commission are greatly intensified.