Council for Global Engagement and Leadership

A Council for Global Engagement and Leadership has been created to serve in an advisory capacity to the President and Provost in order to provide strategic directions for the shaping and delivering of the university’s goals. Not only will its members offer world perspective, but will also propose themes and locations for programs, help evaluate proposals, and serve as ambassadors for Taylor University initiatives in their regions of the world.


Mr. John Amalraj
Executive Secretary, Interserve India

Dr. Michael Bassous
General Secretary, Bible Society (Lebanon, Syria & Iraq)

Dr. Wellington Chiu, ex-officio member
Taylor University Board of Trustees

Dr. Eugene Habecker, ex-officio member and co-chair
President, Taylor University

Mr. David Ayi Hammond
Area Secretary, Africa United Bible Society (Ghana & Kenya)

Dr. Roberto C.  Laver
Executive Director, Forum of Bible Agencies International, Waltham, Massachusetts

Rev. Dr. Fergus Macdonald, co-chair
Edinburgh, Scotland

Mrs. Cindy Marrelli Watko, ex-officio member

Rev. Dr. Trevor Morrow
Presbyterian minister, Ireland

Ms. Angela Angelovska-Wilson
Latham & Watkins LLP, Washington, DC

Dr. Marta Gabre-Tsadick
Executive Director, Project Mercy, Ethiopia

Rev. John Guido
Pastor, Cuenca, Ecuador

Dr. Jeffrey Moshier, ex-officio member
Provost, Taylor University

Rev. Howard Kim
Pastor Korean Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis, IN