The Institutional Research Office supports decision making by assisting in data collection, interpretation of institutional data and creation of strategic reports across the university.

Institutional Research Analyst

Mr. Steve Dayton, Institutional ResearcherMr. Stephen Dayton
Office of institutional research
236 West Reade Ave.
Upland, IN 46989
Phone: (765) 998-4627

The institutional research analyst (IRA) provides support for institutional research and University-wide planning activities that include data enriched decision making. The IRA maintains the Executive Dashboard and TU Report Card, and is responsible for collecting, maintaining, analyzing, trending, projecting and reporting institutional data for strategic planning and assessment purposes. The IRA responds to institutional surveys like the Common Data Set and completes guidebook surveys like U.S. News & World Report. In addition, the IRA responds to department of education requests like IPEDS and to other requests for information from federal and state, public and private agencies. The IRA provides technical assistance and ad hoc reports to the university community; and annually prepares the University Fact Book, in print and web-based formats. The IRA is also responsible for coordinating content on Taylor's student consumer information webpage, including student right-to-know reports. The IRA provides technical research support, data analysis, and reports for the provost and members of the University Cabinet. The office of institutional research is required to establish confidence as a consultant in ways that influence and encourage decision makers to recommend policy, processes, and program changes based upon reports and data. Please contact Steve Dayton for any information regarding reports used for internal use.