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Student Services

Taylor exists to provide an uplifting, faith-centered learning establishment for students to thrive academically and spiritually. And we recognize the transition to life at Taylor can bring questions and a need for support. Taylor has many offices and departments whose primary goal is to assist you. Ranging from academic to counseling to technology services, be assured that you can reach out to any of the following departments for assistance.

Calling and Career Office

The Calling and Career Office (CCO) exists to connect students to people and experiences to equip them to respond faithfully to God's call. The CCO commits to helping Taylor students by leading them to discover, realize, and pursue the highest and best uses of their God-given talents. We help students find their calling and career path by connecting them to relevant information, experiences, and people. Read more about the CCO’s resources.

Writing Center

The Writing Center, located in the Zondervan Library, exists to provide peer tutoring for students of all writing skill levels. Trained tutors engage with student writers in one-on-one writing discussions, ranging from generating ideas to negotiating editing difficulties. Conversing over writing engages the writer in a powerful learning experience, builds up writing skills, improves writing processes, and clarifies the writer's ideas.

Our ultimate goal is to help students become more confident and reflective writers. Additionally, tutors provide English language support for non-native speakers, including writing tutoring and assistance with other English language issues.

The Writing Center can help students with the following areas:

  • Figuring out what to write
  • Making points stronger
  • Writing an introduction
  • Adding length to a paper
  • Crafting a thesis statement
  • Organizing main points
  • Improving the flow of a paper
  • Fixing sentence structures
  • Quoting, paraphrasing, and citing

Monday—Thursday: 1:00–5:00 p.m. and 7:00–10:00 p.m.
Friday: 1:00–5:00 p.m.
Sunday: 7:00–9:00 p.m.

Contact the Writing Center

To sign up for an appointment at the Writing Center, visit taylor.mywconline.com. First-time visitors will need to register before scheduling an appointment. Contact Professor Julie Moore, Director of the Writing Center, at 765-998-5526 or julie_moore2@taylor.edu for more information.

Academic Advising

Academic advising is an interactive process in which the faculty or staff advisor helps the student set and achieve academic goals and make responsible decisions. Academic advisors offer one-on-one support and guidance in areas such as course selection, choice of major, college transition issues, careers or graduate study, and referral to other support services.

Academic advising at Taylor is offered in a two-tiered approach: students are assigned a major advisor from their department as well as a general advisor who provides assistance with Foundational Core requirements.

Contact the Academic Advising Center

Email Trina Hartman, Director of the Academic Advising, or call 765-998-4746 for more information.

Academic Enrichment Center

The Academic Enrichment Center (AEC)’s goal is to help any student succeed academically and holistically while at Taylor and beyond. We provide a variety of services and support to help students, including:

  • Academic skills such as preparing for tests, note taking, and time management
  • Support services/accommodations to help students with any disability or chronic illness need
  • Course-specific tutoring through our peer tutor program
  • Writing support through the Writing Center
  • Transitional support and orientation to college through First-Year Experience

The AEC faculty and staff are trained professionals who care deeply about students and helping them develop holistically into life-long learners. We invite all students to seek us out to use our resources for any type of academic help and support they may need.

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Technology & Learning Center

For students, faculty, and staff, the Information Technology center on the main level of Zondervan Library provides the academic technology resources and support you need in your academic pursuits.

Our specialists and support-staff offer the services to help with your technology questions and to assist you as you explore the possibilities of what tech can do for your teaching or your learning. Windows and Mac computers are available for general use as well as for diving more deeply into academic work.

The Tech Express desk offers walk-up support during IT’s business hours. The staff there also offers and coordinates other services such as lamination, photo and poster printing, media duplication, audio and video editing assistance, and more. Please contact Information Technology for more information about the services offered.

Business Hours
  • Sunday: 7pm to Midnight
  • Monday – Thursday: 7:45am to Midnight (closed from 5pm to 6pm)
  • Friday: 7:45am to 10:00pm (closed from 5pm to 6pm)
  • Saturday: 1pm to 5pm
Contact IT

IT Support

Everyone in the IT department plays a role in supporting students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests of the university. IT Support provides free technology support including access to Taylor’s network, help with malware protection and personal computing device registration, and use of Taylor's network resources like MyTaylor, email, Blackboard, and Tower.

Information Technology staff are especially focused on providing timely and appropriate solutions in order to help clients understand and use Taylor’s technological resources to their fullest. Some of our support offerings include:

If you have a Taylor login, myTAYLOR also provides you additional information and resources for IT support, such as information on discounts, detailed information about hardware and software recommendations, and tools to help you with your technology.

Contact Information

First-Year Programming

Designed to help make your first year at Taylor the best it can be, new students are integrated into the Taylor community through curricular and co-curricular programming, which includes meeting weekly with a small group of peers led by upperclassmen during the fall semester. You will learn about all aspects of life at Taylor; how to transition smoothly to college; and grow to know God, others, and yourself more deeply.

Administrators, faculty, staff, and fellow students are committed to helping you become a contributing, active member of the Taylor community. We want you to feel at home and experience the Taylor community at its best through the following ways:

  • First-Year Experience
    Through the combined efforts of academic affairs and student development, Taylor’s First-Year Experience program has been intentionally designed to support students’ transition to college. In particular, the purpose of the First-Year Experience is to help students cultivate and understand the ideals of the Christian liberal arts; embrace the intentional purpose of the foundational core; become better learners; and successfully transition to Taylor.

  • Preceptorial Groups
    Preceptorial Groups are small peer groups led by upperclassmen and are the discussion component of IAS 110 Foundations of the Christian Liberal Arts. These groups meet weekly for the entire fall semester and are designed to provide continuing peer support for first-year students in the transition to Taylor. In your Preceptorial Group, you’ll discuss what you are learning in the IAS 110 course, make new friends from across campus, and have a network of support as you adapt to college life.

  • Welcome Weekend
    Welcome Weekend is the weekend preceding the first week of fall classes. First-year students move into the residence halls and are introduced to Taylor in a variety of ways. Student leaders are on campus to help you settle in before returning students arrive.

  • Fall Transfer Students
    We are thankful that you have chosen Taylor as your school. We trust that you will grow academically, socially, and spiritually in your time here. People all over campus are committed to helping you transition smoothly and acclimate to life at Taylor. You are invited to participate in Welcome Weekend where you will meet other transfer students and become more familiar with Taylor’s campus.

  • New Students Arriving in J-term or Spring Semester
    Welcome to the Taylor community! We are glad you are joining us. Although January and February are cold, winter months in Indiana, you will receive a warm welcome from your residence hall staff and current students on your wing or floor. There is no formal winter orientation program. However, you will find most of the necessary information on myTaylor.

Questions or Concerns About First-Year Programming?

Contact Shawnda Freer, Coordinator of First-Year Experience, for more information.

Counseling Center

The purpose of the Counseling Center is to enhance the mission of Taylor University by providing confidential Christian counseling services to current students in the process of academic, personal, and spiritual growth—free of charge—and to assist in enabling students to fully participate in the programs of the university.

The Counseling Center offers:
  • Individual counseling: for depression, anxiety, relationship issues, family problems, eating issues, spiritual concerns, conflict resolution, etc.
  • Couples counseling: dating, pre-engagement, premarital, marriage
  • Consultation: for students concerned about friends, family members, roommates, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, etc.
  • Support groups: different topics on an “as needed” or “as requested” basis
  • Educational seminars
  • Residence Life presentations
  • Coordination and referral to on-campus and off-campus resources

The Counseling Center is also available as a resource for Taylor University faculty and staff. This resource is limited to brief consultations or to answer questions should a faculty or staff member have concerns about a current Taylor University student.

Read our FAQs or contact the Counseling Center.

Zondervan Library

There’s only one place on campus that provides everything from a vast expanse of research resources and quiet study space to a center dedicated to the study of C.S. Lewis to musical interludes and game nights: Zondervan Library.

In addition to physical resources, the library has an immense catalog of digital resources, including WorldCat Research Station—a resource that makes available the holdings of libraries across the world—as well as databases, research guides, and a journal finder to help find academic journals relevant to any topic of research. If you require any assistance with online or physical resources, just ask one of the librarians or student workers. They will be happy to direct you.

The Library also houses the Writing Center, the Academic Enrichment Center, Tech Express, and a multitude of individual and group study rooms. Its resources reach beyond academics, providing space for group interactions as well as recreation options such as games, movies, and various entertaining events throughout the year.

Read more about Zondervan Library.

Fitness Center

For students who desire to practice an active lifestyle, the Kesler Student Activities Center (KSAC) consists of The Well, Eichling Aquatics Wing, and aerobics room free to use for students, faculty, and staff. Read more on our Athletic Facilities page.

Health Services: Upland Health & Diagnostics Center

Health services are available for students’ healthcare needs and medical situations that may arise while here. Located within a short walking distance of campus, the Upland Health & Diagnostics Center partners with Taylor University to offer a nurse practitioner on site exclusively for Taylor students, along with some pharmacy and lab services included as part of the student health center fee. Learn more about the health services Taylor offers.

Campus Police

On duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Campus Police Department provides protection for people, property, and civil order for Taylor University on campus by overseeing the functions of law enforcement and security. Campus Police also manages the motor pool, identification card, campus parking, card access, and lost and found programs for Taylor University. These services are administered during regular office hours. Learn more about Campus Police.

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response

Taylor seeks to provide a safe, nurturing environment free from sexual harassment, assault, and any form of sexual violence. Reports or questions regarding Title IX or the University’s policy should be directed to one of the officers listed here.

Read more about Taylor’s sexual assault prevention and response policies.

For more information regarding student services, check out the student handbook.