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TESOL Licensure Program

Get ready! Classes available beginning January 2021!

The TESOL Licensure Program (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is a series of five graduate-level classes for teachers to add English as a New Language (ENL) P-12 certification to their Indiana license. This online program is flexibly-designed to fit around your full-time teaching schedule.

As a licensed ENL teacher, you will be more hirable, prepared and confident as you come alongside English Language Learners (ELL). Nearly half of Indiana’s local education agencies (LEAs) reported having zero ENL-licensed teachers on staff during the 2018-2019 school year while more than 90% of Indiana LEAs reported having at least one English learner enrolled (IDOE). Our schools need you!

Classes will fit around your schedule!

The structure of the TESOL licensure program is uniquely flexible. Classes are online and self-paced over 4 months. You can determine the start date for a class by enrolling any day of the year. 

You can work on a class any time of the day and never have to be online at a specific time. Classes do require in-person classroom observations and experiences completed in your community. There is no student teaching requirement.

  • Licensure Classes

    TSL501 Introduction to Second Language Acquisition and the Field of TESOL (3 credit hours)

    This course discusses the role of the English language in the contemporary world and how language and culture shape human interactions. It provides an introductory understanding of the field of second language acquisition, from the perspective of both learning and teaching a new language. It also explores the teaching of English in ministry in U.S. and international contexts.

    Field Experience: 5 hours 

    TSL503 Methods and Assessment in TESOL (3 credit hours)

    This course develops understanding and skill in classroom instruction of English learners, including lesson planning, teaching, and assessment. Topics covered include teaching methods and techniques for all aspects of English language development, educational technology, curricular planning, and formative assessment. 

    Field Experience: 20 hours

    TSL505 Pedagogical Grammar and Applied Linguistics in TESOL (3 credit hours)

    Introduces applied linguistics and its practical implications in language teaching. Provides study of English grammar, and how English structures are taught and explained to English learners. 

    TSL510 Teaching ELL in P12 Classroom (3 credit hours)

    Intended for future US public school ESOL professionals, this course addresses English language learners (ELLs) in P-12 classrooms. Investigates TESOL-related legislation and its effect on schools, students, and teachers, as well as types of ESOL programs used in US schools and their effectiveness. Studies effective advocacy, strategies for collaboration with families and non-ESOL colleagues and paraprofessionals, and helpful resources and services. 

    TSL582 Practicum and Seminar in TESOL (3 credit hours)

    This course consists of a supervised ESOL teaching experience totaling 80 hours, plus accompanying seminar sessions focused on reflection, specialization in a TESOL topic of choice, and development of teaching skill. 

    Field Experience: 80 hours

  • Licensure Tests

    Content Area Assessment:  Subject assessments measure your content knowledge of the subject(s) you will teach.  To add the TESOL content area to a teaching license, you must take and pass the following test after you complete your courses:

                (019) English Learners

    For additional information, contact any of the following:

    Mrs. Kim Overbey, Director of Teacher Licensure,, 765-998-5286
    Mrs. April Dickey, Director of Transition to Teaching/Online Licensure Programs,, 765-998-5145
    Pearson Testing website:  


Applications are accepted year-round for Taylor University's online TESOL Licensure program. To apply, please submit the following:

License and transcripts can be emailed to or mailed to:

Taylor University, Education Department
ATTN: Director, Transition to Teaching/Online Licensure Programs
236 W. Reade Avenue
Upland, IN 46989


Tuition is $450 per credit hour. A three credit hour course totals $1,350 and is due at the time of enrollment. Once paid, you can start the course the next business day. Courses will be available starting January 2021! 

Financial aid is not available for the TESOL Licensure program.

We are here to help you add ENL certification!

For additional information about Taylor University’s online TESOL Licensure Program, please contact us!

Faculty Photo of April Dickey.

April Dickey
Director, Transition to Teaching/Online Licensure Programs

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Leah Kimbrell
TESOL Licensure Program Advisor