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Taylor Students to Earn Scripture Engagement Minor 

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open page of Psalm 145 in the Abide Bible

Beginning with incoming freshmen this fall, students will have the opportunity to earn a Scripture Engagement minor as part of Taylor’s Christian liberal arts core curriculum.   

Founded over 175 years ago, Taylor’s educational philosophy has consistently been grounded in studying the Bible and Christian thought from the very start. Biblically Anchored remains one of Taylor’s seven Anchor Points that guide the University forward.  

Throughout their years at Taylor, students will take a series of six classes (17 credit hours), each with a significant Scripture Engagement component. This will require no additional coursework beyond the existing core curriculum, and students will still be able to choose an academic major and minor while earning this additional credential.  

“Scripture Engagement is the practice of learning to read the Bible in ways that have a deep impact on a person’s spiritual life,” said Provost Dr. Jewerl Maxwell. “Scripture is God’s divinely inspired Word to us, and engaging Scripture allows individuals to not only know more about God, but to draw closer to God.” 

A Pioneer in Scripture Engagement  

Over a decade ago, Taylor launched the Center for Scripture Engagement. Co-directed by professors Phil Collins and Steve Bird, the Center produces in-depth research on Scripture Engagement, diagnostic surveys for ministries and individuals, training on how to engage Scripture Engagement practices, and Scripture Engagement resources.  

The Center has partnered with United Bible Societies, Harper Collins, and BibleGateway to create tools that have lasting impact on individuals’ relationship with God through knowing His Word. One of the most significant projects was the Abide Bible, which features art illustrations, book introductions, and reflective prompts based on five ways of engaging deeply with the Bible. Over 30 Taylor faculty, staff, and students wrote content for the Abide Bible.   

All incoming students and new employees are given a copy of the Abide Bible, demonstrating Taylor’s deep commitment to developing a love for Scripture in each person. 

“Engaging with Scripture inspires us to devoted worship, discipleship, and the commitment to serve those in need,” said Maxwell. “We hope that the Scripture Engagement minor will lead to Taylor graduates serving God by serving their neighbors and communities.” 

Cultivating Wisdom through the Liberal Arts  

At Taylor, we believe that Truth and evidence of the divine can be found in all areas of study. This emphasis on the integration of faith and learning is especially clear in the core curriculum, which includes the Scripture Engagement minor.  

More than simply acquiring knowledge, Taylor’s Foundational Core teaches students to think critically, solve problems, and speak and act with wisdom. With the launch of the Scripture Engagement minor, the Foundational Core is being reframed around the institutional imperative, Cultivating Wisdom.  

“We are not ‘just passing through’ earth on our way to Heaven,” said Dr. Ed Meadors, Professor of Biblical Studies. “God deeply loves this world, and He has chosen us to be a part of His grand plan of reconciliation. We’re called to live and speak into the public space, acting with wisdom and integrity.” 

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The lifelong study and contemplation of Scripture is a blessing for each believer to undertake in our pursuit of Life to the Full. Learn more about Taylor’s approach to the liberal arts, our Scripture Engagement minor, and the Center for Scripture Engagement