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Taylor Performance Student Gets Honorable Mention in State Competition

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Clara Loisch

Taylor University music student Clara Loisch received Honorable Mention in the state round of the Young Artist Performance Woodwind category of the 2017 Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) competition held at Ball State University. 

Loisch is a senior from Kokomo, Ind., who is majoring in instrumental performance.

During the event, Loisch performed Sonata in E Minor for Flute and Piano by Bach; Sixth Solo by Jules Demersseman; Piece for Solo Flute by Jacques Ibert; and Movement Four—Allegro con brio—of Sonata for Flute and Piano Op. 14 by Robert Muczynski.

“Performing for the MTNA competition was an incredible learning experience. Hours of preparation and careful practice rewarded me with a confident performance,” Loisch said. “I was able to enjoy myself on stage and engage with the judges.

“Competitions serve a much greater purpose than exercising musical superiority over one's peers,” she added. “Competitions reveal where your priorities lie, how much time you dedicate toward practice, and how you handle post-performance results. I was grateful for the anchor that my faith provided; with it, I could remain focused, calm, and aware of how the Spirit spoke to me in the whole situation.”