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Taylor University Earns Multiple Firsts, Seconds, in College Broadcasters Competition

  • By: James R. Garringer
  • Published:
two film students work with a camera on a tripod outside

Student filmmakers at Taylor University have earned nine awards including four first place awards and two second place awards from the College Broadcasters Inc. (CBI) for their work on television, radio, podcast, and film projects.

The awards came as a result of entry into the CBI’s annual National Student Production Awards, a program that draws entries from all over the United States.

The students—both current and alumni—have been members of Taylor’s Film and Media program, which has established itself as one of the premier programs for film among colleges and universities.

“We are tremendously proud of our students for how they poured themselves into the work to tell the stories in outstanding and compelling ways, and for the recognition that has come to them as a result of that hard work,” said Professor John Bruner of Taylor’s Film and Media program. “These awards represent a welcome external validation from a respected source, and for that we are most thankful.”

The award winners include:

TV - Special Broadcast
1st place
Safe Haven
Faith Marsh, Franklin Snyder, Abby Goebel

Audio - Podcast
1st place
What is Theater?
Chloe Gard, Bryce Lawrence

Live TV Production
1st place
The Monday Night Show starring Mark Huffer
Anna Rodman

Short Film Nonfiction (3-10 minutes)
1st place
Kojak: A Fuller Life
Darien Taylor, Hannah Caruana, Jon Bomers, Marissa Williams

Digital Shorts - Fiction (3 min max)
1st place
Who I Want to Be
Patrick Marsh

Short Film Nonfiction (3-10 minutes)
2nd place
Josiah Croasdell, Andrew Edwards, Sarah Burns, Luisa Dugan

Digital Shorts - Fiction (3 min max)
2nd place
The Waiting Room
Isaac Bouw, Michael Carroll, Trevor Cebulskie 

Audio - Documentary
3rd place
The Importance of Sleep
Carolyn Paschal, Elise Masters

TV - Special Broadcast
4th place
Tim Hawkins: Professional Moron
Christina Russell, Carolyn Davis, Heidi Dalton, Caleb Couvion

"College Broadcasters Inc. is one of the two significant university competitions for television, radio, and film that we enter each year,” said Professor Kathy Bruner of Taylor’s Film and Media program. “It’s really gratifying to see our students do well in so many different categories."

“I was especially impressed that five of the recipients earned these national awards for projects completed while in their first or second classes in our major,” she added. “I think that really speaks to the quality of the students we get to work with in the Film and Media Production program. It also makes me excited to see what they will achieve in the next few years."