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Entrance to Taylor University

Senior Stories: Christian Ministries

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Taylor University Entrance Wall

Taylor wouldn't be Taylor without amazing students. Developing servant-leaders marked with a passion to minister Christ's redemptive love is why we are here. Students seeking to serve through many different fields and careers are participating in this Senior Stories series to share about how God has used Taylor in their lives. 

Bible and Ministry at Taylor

All Taylor students complete foundational core classes in Bible and Ministry as a part of our discipleship community. Some choose to major in the field as well. These students take in-depth Bible classes, learn about spiritual formation, and gain experience through a variety of opportunities, including volunteering locally and abroad, interning with ministries, and collaborating on projects like The Abide Bible. 

Meet a couple of seniors graduating from our Christian Ministries program:


Name: Cassidy Clasen '20
Major: Christian Ministries
Hometown: Fishers, IN

Can you give an example of an impactful class?

One of the very best classes that is required for this major is called Personal Foundations for Ministry. This class is a semester full of learning how to implement spiritual disciplines, recognizing faith assumptions that we bring into a context, and opening our minds & hearts to see and experience God in new ways.

How has your faith been affected by your Taylor experience?

My faith has been radically increased in my Taylor experience. The variety of people, stories, and perspectives that I have experienced at Taylor have been important in expanding my view of God and who He is. From wing culture, to classes, to other interactions with professors and peers, I feel like I am coming out of Taylor with a fuller picture of God and a deeper trust in His faithfulness and love.

In what ways do you feel prepared for your future because of your Taylor experience?

I feel like, practically, I have made connections that will last forever that could be helpful for a future life in ministry. I feel like I have built a basis for my faith, and have added to a “toolbox” of spiritual tools that I can revisit when I feel out of touch with God. From this basis, I have also been prepared with practical ways of doing ministry; and even more so, the community aspect of Taylor has equipped me to learn what reflecting Christ looks like in all different kinds of relationships.  


Name: Ben Robison '20
Major: Youth Ministries
Hometown: Greenwood, IN

What people have had the greatest impact on you during your time at Taylor? 

The people that have had the greatest impact on me at Taylor would be the ministry professors and the peers that I am around all the time. My peers have the unique opportunity to always be with me, which means they get to see the public-friendly side, but they also get to see what I look like when I am exhausted and frustrated and am at the end of myself...My professors have also had a very large impact on me. They have pushed me in my ability to think deeply, process well, and develop strategies not only for my own personal pursuit of Jesus but also to help others in their pursuit of God. 

What are the most important things you've learned in your major classes?

The most important things that I have learned from my major classes is how to love Jesus and love others and also how to help others do the same thing...One of the classes that has been most helpful in this was Teaching and Learning, taught by Dr. Phil Collins. In this class, we learned how to teach the Bible to others in a way that they can learn well while always bringing every single lesson back to the person and work of Jesus Christ.  

In what ways do you feel prepared for your future because of your Taylor experience? 

I feel very prepared to step into full-time youth ministry because of my Taylor experience. I have been equipped and set up for success...However, what I have learned and have been able to place my confidence in because of my Taylor experience is that I don't have to measure up. God has given me the calling and He will be faithful to His calling on my life.