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Michael Lindsay standing on stage during the livestream event

President D. Michael Lindsay Speaks at Mackenzie University in São Paulo, Brazil 

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Michael Lindsay giving a livestream talk to Mackenzie University

On Thursday, March 16, Taylor University’s President D. Michael Lindsay was a guest speaker to more than 30,000 students at Mackenzie University in São Paulo, Brazil, via a livestream broadcast. The broadcast marked the start of Mackenzie University’s academic year.

“We are blessed with a wonderful relationship with Mackenzie and excited about this history-making day to do a broadcast here in the US and in Brazil,” President Lindsay said.

About Mackenzie University

Mackenzie University is the largest faith-based educational institution in Latin America, serving more than 50,000 students directly as well as impacting hundreds of thousands more through curricular programming. Founded in 1870, it is one of the oldest universities in Brazil.

March 16 marked the first day of the school year, where much like Taylor’s first chapel service, the whole university community gathers together for an event called the “Inaugural Lecture.”

Entrepreneurial Leadership for the Common Good

In 2021, President Lindsay published Hinge Moments: Making the Most of Life’s Transitions, in which he charts seven phases of transition, providing both practical and spiritual insights for making the most of each stage. In conducting research on success and failure, President Lindsay interviewed over 500 of the world's most prominent leaders.

President Lindsay examined entrepreneurial leadership that went beyond individual success, instead aiming to make the world a better place. In light of his extensive research on entrepreneurship, he chose to speak about “Entrepreneurial Leadership for the Common Good” for the Inaugural Lecture.

President Lindsay chose five different leaders that he interviewed to use as examples, ranging from former presidents of the United States, CEO of large companies like Ford, General Motors, and Walmart, and presidents of prestigious colleges like Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton.

He described the role that change plays in entrepreneurial leadership and how change can be strategically navigated for good, encouraging both Mackenzie University and Taylor University to think about entrepreneurial ventures not only to benefit ourselves, but for the benefit of others.

“I think one of the most profound ways that we can bear witness to our faith is when we are willing to sacrifice things that people think we are entitled to,” President Lindsay said.

Watch Livestream

The livestream video below includes the entire event.

We want to extend a special thank you to Taylor’s Film and Media Department who made the production of this international broadcast possible.