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Entrance to Taylor University

Events of January 6 on Capitol Hill

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Taylor University Entrance Wall

One week ago, events in Washington, D.C. rocked the city and rocked the nation, when crowds descended on Capitol Hill to protest the certification of the 2020 presidential election results. Many watched with disbelief and dismay as the scene unfolded of crowds breaking through security lines and overrunning the U.S. Capitol building.

Along with other leaders in Christian higher education, we decry this attack on democracy, and the desecration of the Capitol building. We are deeply grieved at the use of Christian symbols and the name of Jesus to attack our elected leaders, undermine the peaceful transition of power, and promote racist rhetoric and images.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we seek truth and strive to uphold the mission of the church and the work of the Holy Spirit in our world. Where we have failed to do so, we lament and seek forgiveness, calling upon our community now to pray, be ambassadors of the redemptive love and truth of Jesus Christ, and humbly serve others as we live out our calling.

At Taylor University, we commit to prepare our students to reflect deeply and spiritually about difficult issues. Our faculty are encouraged to do what they are called to do: live out discipleship. In the classroom and beyond, we listen to our students, allow them to work toward discernment, and guide them to the truths of scripture for these turbulent times and always.

This reflects the pursuit of our university mission in striving to be whole-person focused. We involve students in learning experiences imbued with a vital Christian interpretation of truth and life which foster their intellectual, emotional, physical, vocational, social, and spiritual development. As a liberal arts community, we strive to make these judgments apart from personal politics.

Students have expressed sadness and anxiety, thoughtfully and respectfully. At a gathering a few days after the protest, a student leader prayed earnestly for those with whom she agreed and those with whom she disagreed. Her powerful words reflect the goal of a Taylor education: a vital Christian interpretation of truth and life that prepares students for life and work in a world that desperately needs the redeeming love of Jesus and true shalom that only He can provide.

Paige Comstock Cunningham, PhD, JD
Interim President