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Eight From Taylor Receive Orr Fellowships

  • By: James R. Garringer
  • Published:
Orr Fellowship recipients

Eight students from Taylor University have been awarded Orr Fellowships—full-time paid positions with Indianapolis companies where they will receive hands-on work experience in high-growth environments while facilitating valuable connections and relationships with experienced professionals.

The award’s namesake is the 45th Governor of Indiana, Robert Orr, who served two terms in that role prior to his being appointed Ambassador to Singapore by President George H.W. Bush.

Taylor students Abbey Brennan, Maggie Broadfoot, Jeremy Garey, Ariana Layton, Ellie Malmquist, Esther Michael, Clair Nieshalla, and Isaac Yops were part of a cohort of 62 total Orr Fellowship awardees across the State of Indiana.

According to Dr. Michael (Mick) Bates, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Taylor had the most offers of all colleges and universities in the state. He attributes Taylor’s success to several factors including the ongoing work of the Calling and Career Office, high academic program standards, the growing number of Orr Fellow alums from Taylor, and general campus knowledge of the program. Other institutions receiving Orr offers included Notre Dame, Indiana University, Butler University, and others.

Fellows and companies make a two-year commitment to the Orr program. According to the Orr Fellowships website, Fellows’ number one requirement is “to do great work for their employers and companies and to provide well rounded, challenging work experiences.” Fellows commit to recruitment, active participation in Orr events and initiatives, and representing the Fellowship well in the community.

Additionally, the Fellowship inserts the students into a vibrant peer community and a robust alumni network. Orr Fellows lean on each other professionally and personally; they serve the Indianapolis community by connecting to a variety of causes.

“Each of these students are gifted, thoughtful scholars who have displayed a passion for learning, growth, and their spiritual lives,” said Bates. “Their acceptance into this prestigious fellowship is not only a great accomplishment for them, but also a demonstration of the wider student body at Taylor University.”