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Master of Arts in Ministry student participating in a Northview kids residency


All Master of Arts in Ministry students participate in a church residency program, giving them an immersive two-year ministry experience. Residents will serve 20-30 hours per week in a ministry area that aligns with their particular calling, including:

  • Worship ministry
  • Pastoral ministry
  • Weekend services
  • Children
  • Students
  • Local and global outreach
  • Small groups and serving teams
  • Special needs
  • Communication
  • Church planting

Residency Locations

Explore potential residencies who partner with Taylor's Master in Ministry program.

Northview Residency

Northview Church (Indianapolis-area) loves to invest in their emerging leaders and is happy to provide valuable benefits to MAM students who are part of the Northview Residency.

  • Monthly Stipend: Residents are provided with a monthly stipend of $1000.
  • Single Resident Housing: Northview has optional housing opportunities for single residents.
  • Leadership Conferences: Residents are invited to participate in Northview Church’s Leadership Conference.
  • FREE Retreats: All expenses will be paid for the annual Residents’ Retreat.
  • FREE Mission Trip: All expenses will be paid for residents to attend a short-term mission trip to serve at New York City Relief.

Learn more about the specifics of the Northview

Synergy Residency

Synergy Ohio is a collaboration of like-minded Christ centered churches dedicated to developing a leadership pipeline of effective leaders for use in God’s Kingdom.

  • Distinct Residency Programs: Leadership Development, Church Planting, International Church Planting
  • Salary: Full time or part time salary available
  • Free Training:  Conferences, church planter assessment, training events (for CPRs) and other holistic training
  • Overseas Missions Opportunities
  • Grow your Personal Library

Learn more about the specifics of Synergy