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Master of Arts in Ministry Student, Audrey.

Formed & Equipped for Ministry

Meet Audrey.

A fulltime Elementary Coordinator at Northview Church. She is just halfway through the 2-year residency program.

A graduate of Ball State University with a major in Family Studies, Audrey “knew I wanted to go into ministry, but didn’t know where to start. I started looking for jobs and found that most positions required two years of experience, not just as a volunteer, but actual employee/staff experience.”

Originally, her plan was to be a teacher. That changed her sophomore year at Ball State after being in an elementary classroom. The law restrained her from openly talking about her faith at the public school. And, that wasn’t a good fit for Audrey.

Around that time, she went to New York on a 5-week missions trip to serve the inner-city homeless, volunteering at an after-school program. And fell in love with it. So, she changed her major to better prepare herself to help children and families outside of school.

She became the first children’s ministry resident at Northview Church and is earning her Master of Arts in Ministry from Taylor University.

And, just accepted a fulltime ministry position at a Northview campus, after 13 months in the program even though she hasn’t finished the residency training. Because training is hands on, Audrey feels prepared.

“One thing I love about Northview and the residency is that we aren’t just residents. They treat us like we are staff. They give us the opportunities to gain experience. As you go on in your two years, they give you more and more responsibilities. They are not afraid to push you out of your comfort zone.”

Audrey knows she has the support of her mentor and fellow residents to rely on as she steps into her fulltime position.

And, she’s found the Master’s program to be “really great. Like I tell the kids, while I am teaching you—I am still learning. In this Master’s program, I have learned so much just in the first class.”

Plus, “with the scholarship they gave us, it made it super affordable and not daunting, worrying about paying off student loans.”

Congratulations, Audrey, on your new position!