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Scott Oleson

Admissions Counselor

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Hello, my name is Scott Oleson and I am the Admissions Counselor for students from the eastern United States (check the map to find your location).

My favorite part of being an Admissions Counselor at Taylor is listening to students’ stories, learning about their goals, and helping them pursue their dreams. I also enjoy guiding students through the process of figuring out if Taylor is the right fit.

My story is a little different in that I did not graduate from Taylor. I chose to join Taylor because of the impact the University has had in the life of my family. My daughters, Sarina (class of 2016) and Ivy (class of 2019), chose Taylor because of the vibrant Christian community and the University’s genuine pursuit of Jesus Christ. Taylor has come alongside each of my daughters and supported them as they have uncovered their passions and strengths in life. More importantly, the Taylor community has helped them grow closer to Christ.

Sometimes living for Jesus can be a little messy. Despite life’s messiness and occasional blemish, the Taylor community strives to live life together in a way that brings glory to God.

I know this can be a stressful time. Rest assured that God has you and He will guide you through your college decision. I look forward to supporting you through your college search and helping in any way I can.