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Josiah Peterson

Samuel Morris Hall Director

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Josiah Peterson

Samuel Morris Hall Director


  • MA, Higher Education & Student Development, Taylor University (2021)
  • BA, Christian Ministries, Taylor University (2019)


I grew up in the Annapolis area in Maryland. I love going back to Annapolis to visit my parents and my sister and her family, but my home has become Upland and I am so happy for it. I spend a lot of my free time playing sports, reading, and baking.

I came to Taylor through the advice of a family friend. I was looking for a Christian college, and when I visited campus it just felt right. I do not have a particular reason why but I thank God I chose to study at this place.

I absolutely love Taylor! This place has formed me the most, and now I get the honor of living alongside and mentoring Taylor students. This university, and specifically the residence halls, have such an amazing culture and community that is just something special. It is hard to describe on this brief page, so you will just have to come and visit. Life in the residence hall showed me what true friendship and community looks like. It is messy and hard, but also full of profound moments of growth and love. I work at Taylor because I believe in the mission of this institution and want to do my part to continue to grow the community in Morris Hall to a type of community that reflects the kingdom of God.

Advice to Incoming Freshmen

Start reading. I did not read before I came to college and found myself surrounded by guys on my wing and professors who loved to read. Everyone who I admired and wanted to be like had a similar quality: they read. If you are not a reader, find anything that peaks your interest and start reading. If you are already a reader, find books that are different than what you would normally pick up and read those. And for both groups, begin asking people what they are reading and ask why. Oh, the printed page is a marvelous gift to us from God! Do not waste your ability to read.