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Dara Syswerda

Admissions Counselor

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northern indiana


Hello! My name is Dara Syswerda and I am thrilled to be the Admissions Counselor for students from northern Indiana.

I graduated from Taylor, in 1991, with a degree in Elementary Education while also competing on the tennis team. I spent many years teaching fourth grade in both private and public elementary schools and working in reading intervention with primary students. For twelve years, I was honored to coach many amazing, talented athletes who were a part of the Taylor Women’s Tennis Team and thoroughly enjoyed traveling with them around the Midwest but also to Honduras for missions’ trips. Those experiences just continued to strengthen my love for Taylor!

It may sound cliché, but I really do LOVE all things TU…

  • Passion of our students—they have hearts to reach others for Christ through their talents, travel and service. Many give of themselves to be involved in both in the local and global community.
  • High academic focus to prepare for the next chapter—the goal may be work or grad school, but the objective is the same… to glorify God by preparing academically for His Call for their life. The variety of strong programs we offer draws diverse students from across the globe.
  • Balanced, whole-person focus on students by faculty and staff who are dedicated to helping students reach their potential for this stage and excel in the next.

I’m glad you are looking into everything Taylor has to offer and would love to help you through this process.