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Li Chieh Lu

Assistant Professor of Biology

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microbiology molecular biology synthetic biology


  • PhD, Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Rice University
  • MBiochem, University of Oxford

Career Highlights

  • 2022 Institute of Biosciences and Biotechnology Travel Award, Rice University
  • 2022 Outstanding Graduate Student Presentation Award in Biochemistry & Cell Biology, Rice University
  • 2017 Mary Lunt Prize in Practical Biochemistry, University of Oxford
  • 2014 St Hugh’s College Scholarship, University of Oxford

Featured Scholarship

Fulk, E. M., Gao, X., Lu, L. C., Redeker, K. R., Masiello, C. A., & Silberg, J. J. (2022). Nondestructive chemical sensing within bulk soil using 1000 biosensors per gram of matrix. ACS Synthetic Biology, 2022 11 (7), 2372-2383

Lu, L.C., Kim, J., Del Valle, I., Masiello, C.A., & Silberg, J. J. Indicator gases enable long distance signaling through porous environmental materials. (in process)

Staubus, A.O., Kalvapalle, P., Gambill, L., Dysart, M., Lu, L.C., Gamas, K.R., Stadler, L.B., Chappell, J., & Silberg, J.J. Monitoring gene transfer using RNA-access memory. (in process)