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James Miles II

Department Co-Chair and Assistant Professor of Art

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  • MA, English, Ball State University (2002)
  • MA, Photojournalism, Regent University (1994)
  • BA, Creative Writing & Political Science, Indiana Wesleyan University (1990)

Career Highlights

I have worn a lot of hats. Since college I have been a reporter, a roofer, a graduate student, a graphic designer, a paid professional proofreader, a senior art director, a writing teaching, a design teacher, a documentary maker, a web designer, and an avid photographer. Now I have settled at last on teaching photography and participating in photo shows and contests. I’m also a pretty proud dad and a hard rock nut.

Student Portfolio: Curious about Taylor's Art program? Check out this link to view incredible student work.


Advice to Incoming Freshmen

Don’t be afraid; be excited. College may seem intimidating, but everyone here wants you to succeed, and we can’t wait to meet you. These are going to be the four most memorable years of your life.

Why I Came to Taylor

Joining the Taylor faculty allowed me to combine my two great loves. The first, of the highest possible order, is my certainty that God is real, and that we should serve him in any way he calls us. The second is the visual image, which I have practiced for decades and will until I die. I hope my teaching combines the two, or puts them alongside one another in a fruitful and subtle way. Become a photo major and work it out with me.


Photography, cycling, weightlifting, gaming, and electric guitar

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