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Angela Pacheco

Assistant Professor of Spanish

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Angela Pacheco

Assistant Professor of Spanish


  • PhD, Spanish, Purdue University (2017)
  • MA, Latino-American Literature, University of Salamanca (2012)
  • BA, Spanish & English Literature and Linguistics, University of Salamanca (2011)


Advice for Incoming Freshmen

Give your absolutely best without comparing yourself to anybody. The path of your life will be uniquely designed for you to do what you love. Enjoy the journey, for learning is part of that process and is awe inspiring. It will open a lot of doors to creativity and imagination.

Why I Enjoy Teaching at Taylor

I believe a liberal arts background is fundamental in education. It makes us thoughtful, understanding, collaborative, and better citizens. Taylor University makes a great effort to promote these values and encourages excellence in teaching and research. I also believe that we should have a consideration of the bigger picture of life and what it means to be in the world. I think that picture is more profound, uncertain, and beautiful than what we often think. From this, we learn that God is greatly mindful of us every second of our lives. Taylor encourages us to meditate on the goodness of God and to follow the example of Jesus. These ideas give us immense value and purpose.


Books have a special place in my life. I love them, they are like a best friend telling you a great story or teaching you a good lesson. I enjoy art in all of its variations. I like going to places and getting lost in them. Who doesn’t love traveling, good food, and good company?

Major Career Accomplishments

My greatest career accomplishment was definitely getting my PhD It was a painful and long process, yet it was so character building and inspirational.