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Cybersecurity Camp

Do you like puzzles and intrigue? Cybersecurity is all about finding hidden loopholes in systems, using software and hardware in unintended ways, closing loopholes to protect one set of systems, and sometimes using that knowledge to gain access to another set of systems. Cybersecurity Camp will make you more aware of the continual cyber battle that goes on around us and teach you about both offensive and defensive work.

Cost: $550

Dates: 2024 dates TBA

What will Cybersecurity Camp Be Like?

You’ll learn about information security, including:

  • types of encryption
  • how to limit access to authorized users
  • how attacks are made
  • how to detect when unauthorized users have gained access
  • how to close the holes used in attacks

Activities will include protecting systems, breaking into systems, detecting intrusions, and sealing holes to prevent further intrusions.

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Faith, Learning, and Cybersecurity

Power can be a highly corruptible force. Cybersecurity involves lots of power, which can be used for both good and evil. We’ll study the moral boundaries and how not to be subverted into using your knowledge and abilities for evil.


Stefan Brandle

Department Co-Chair and Professor of Computer Science & Engineering

  • PhD, Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • MS, Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • BA, Philosophy, Wheaton College
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