John Moore

Dr. John Moore

John Moore

Professor of Biology & Director of Taylor's Ecuador Program

Office Location: Euler 305
Phone: (765) 998-4994

Specialties: biology, biology education, biology professional development, curriculum development, multimedia, nature of science, science education, teaching



Ed.D., Biology, Computer Science Cognate, Ball State University, 1989
Thesis: Using Human Examples to Teach Mendelian Genetics: Acquisition and Retention
M.A., Biology, General Science, Ball State University, 1978
B.S., Biology and General Science, Taylor University, 1972

Why I came to Taylor:

I was called to Taylor University to provide expertise in the teaching of undergraduate biology education in the area of teaching for future elementary and secondary teachers. Teaching is a passion that requires a strong foundation in both biology and learning. Teaching Biology also requires that you understand how your faith interacts in the field of biology in an honest and true form.

Faith and learning is not just something that happens at Taylor University. It is a process that all Christians must do in all areas of their lives. What is different here is that faculty are intentionally focused on addressing this in their areas. Students must be confronted with those areas where their theological commitment integrates with their learning and especially how they process what they are learning.


One of my most favorite recent books has been the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lax. A NY Times best seller on the relationship between science, research, society, ethics and culture. I enjoy science fiction, biographies, and the philosophy of the nature of science. I also enjoy reading journals of Science, Nature, Cell and the American Biology Teacher.

I am currently learning Spanish and enjoying my travels to Cuenca Ecuador.

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