We have spoken about how we prepare our students for success. But, we can give you more than our opinion. Read our testimonials below. And, plan a visit to Taylor so you can talk to us about your passion for using math to serve God.

I participated in an operations research REU [Research Experience for Undergraduates] at Gordon College. Operations research applies mathematical topics such as probability and linear algebra to business and manufacturing problems, typically with the goal of optimizing processes. I spent the majority of my time working on a problem that compared two ways to approximate the cost of an optimal control for queueing networks. This research culminated in a paper that I wrote jointly with two other students and one of the professors. This paper was recently accepted (pending revision) for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control. Additionally, I got the chance to see just what applied mathematics was like, which will be valuable for me as I consider career options.  After I graduate, I plan on attending graduate school in math.

- Matthew Russell, class of 2010

I received a Taylor SRTP grant to study properties of 1-dimensional finite cellular automata using a variety of mathematical techniques.  I got a better understanding of what it takes to do research and the fun and hard work that it can be. I also saw how a broad knowledge base can be useful while carrying out research. I plan on attending graduate school and pursuing a Ph.D. in pure mathematics followed hopefully by either research or professorship. This definitely was a relevant experience to my future plans because it exposed me to reading material that I at first was not at all familiar with and having to master the subject which, I believe will be somewhat akin to work in graduate school and later in my career.

- Joseph Seaborn, class of 2010

I participated in an REU in mathematical cryptology at Northern Kentucky University. Mostly we worked on algebraic attacks on several ciphers such as the block cipher SMS4 used in Chinese WAPI networks and the multivariate public key ciphers which may replace RSA in a few years.  I gained good experience researching in a formal environment. I confirmed that I enjoy this sort of thing. I also got to work on several interesting projects and furthered my knowledge of cryptology. I am planning on pursuing a Ph.D. in computer science next year. This REU gave me an edge applying for graduate schools and also gave me the experience to hit the ground running.

- Jeremy Erickson, class of 2009

"I am currently teaching math for seventh to ninth graders at Oak-Land Junior High in Stillwater, Minn. The math knowledge I gained through Taylor has enabled me to describe the how and why behind simple problems in many different ways. Although at times I didn't know why my math education had to be so intensive in college, I now realize that the skills I learned are invaluable in the classroom." 

- Naomi Joy Poppe, class of 2003

For my internship, I worked as an actuary at Lincoln National Life Insurance. I did a lot of analysis and special projects. One thing I learned from my experience is that I don't want to be an Actuary! But even more importantly, I got real-life work experience. I learned more about myself and how I interact with people in the business world.

- Anne Mahan Mujeur, class of 2003