A faith-integrated study of living things

Biology applies the scientific process to explore and understand the living realm of God's creation. Taylor's biology program exposes students to this broad diversity of life—from molecules to ecosystems—and equips you to understand and implement the process of scientific discovery. Through upper-level courses, on- and off-campus research internships, and/or practicums, students can orient their degree—whether in Biology or Biology Science Educationto best prepare themselves to excel in their post-graduate field

Taylor's biology faculty actively advise students one-on-one to help them choose the route best for their long-term goals, whether they're aiming for medical, dental or veterinary school, physical therapy, education, or biology research (among others).

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Dr. John Moore discusses the value of a Christian perspective in biology.

Interested? Learn more about how you can become another one of our phenomenal graduates making a difference for God’s Kingdom. Listen to Dr. John Moore, Professor of Biology, discuss the value of having of a Christian perspective in biology.

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The Genetics of Research

Published: October 26, 2017

While the general public connects the concept of genetic mutations with superheroes, two Taylor graduates dive into the “genetic blueprint” to become the real heroes, by searching for treatments to genetic diseases.

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