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Academic Enrichment Center

Located in the Zondervan Library, the Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) has several goals:

  • to equip students with the appropriate academic skills needed to engage the learning process and to be successful lifelong learners.
  • to provide services that foster and support the learning process in a way that helps students with disabilities to have equal access to education while maintaining academic integrity.
  • to provide an environment that nurtures the learner in each student. 

The AEC offers several programs to meet these goals

Academic Intensive Module (AIM)

AIM is a program created to provide assistance to new students who are provisionally accepted through the admissions process at Taylor University.  AIM includes enrollment in a learning skills course, required study table hours and progress reports, mentoring and tutoring services, and academic counseling.  The goal is that students in AIM will become successful, self-directed, and independent learners, fulfilling their goals for a college education.

Athletic Academic Support

Taylor University’s athletic department maintains high academic and graduation goals for over 400 student athletes.  To help meet these goals, the Student Athlete Academic Support Program along with the AEC provides seminars for new student athletes on topics such as time and stress management, study skills, learning styles, test taking, and campus resources.  A study table program, progress reports, tutoring services, and academic advising are integral to this program.

First Year Experience

The purpose of the First Year Experience* program is to provide continuing services that will support new students in their transition to college life. These services include curricular and co-curricular programs which help new students integrate into the culture of the university and assist the student in understanding their relationship to the intellectual, social and spiritual climate of Taylor University.

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who wish to receive support services should contact the Academic Enrichment Center.  Services may include assistance with note taking, alternative testing, or other accommodations deemed reasonable and necessary by qualified professionals.  A student requesting services must provide documentation of a disability in order to receive accommodations.

Tutoring Services

There are times when students of varying abilities have need of assistance in clarifying and understanding a particular concept.  Recognizing the importance of peer interaction in the learning process, the AEC provides study tables and one-on-one tutoring services to meet this need.  All tutoring is provided free of charge to students. Schedule your appointment.

Learning Courses

The AEC offers the following courses to equip students to engage the learning process and experience learning success.

  • ENG 101 – Fundamentals of Writing
    Students learn writing strategies for every phase of the writing process, compose a variety of texts, and practice standards for academic writing, including sentence style, grammar, and punctuation.
  • IAS 101 – New Student Orientation
    This course is designed to assist new students with adaptation to college life and to familiarize them with the wider Taylor University community.  Through lectures and discussion groups, the topics of college adjustment, academic development, global engagement, leadership, vocation, and Taylor’s history, philosophy, and mission will be addressed.  Required of all first time freshmen regardless of advanced credit or standing and transfer students with 11 or fewer hours.  Meets general education requirement.
  • IAS 140 - Academic Reading
    An exploration and application of reading strategies to help students engage academic reading for more effective reading rate, comprehension and retention.  The course will help students establish appropriate reading skills for academic success in college.  Students taking IAS 140 to meet the reading proficiency required by the university must pass the reading proficiency test in order to pass IAS 140.
  • IAS 180 – Applied Learning Techniques, Verbal
    This course emphasizes techniques for the improvement of study skills, listening and note taking, reading, and comprehension.
  • IAS 190 - Foundations of Learning and Academic Engagement
    This course is specifically designed to help increase learning and academic success for students on academic probation.  Students on academic probation will meet individually with a faculty or staff memeber in the Academic Enrichment Center throughout the entire semester.  Topics covered will emphasize deep learning, academic engagement and responsibility, and study skills.
  • IAS 410 – Speed Reading
    This courses emphasizes speed reading techniques and effective comprehension.
  • MAT 100 – Mathematics Fundamentals
    This course is a study of the basic arithmetic operations, exponents, ratios, linear and quadratic equations, graphs, and story problems. It is specifically designed to assist those students who need help for the mathematics proficiency examination.


For questions or to request more information, contact the Academic Enrichment Center.

Scott Gaier, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Academic Enrichment Center
Ken Taylor, M.A.
Coordinator of Support Services, Students with Disabilities
Director of the First Year Experience
Darci Nurkkala
Tutor Coordinator
Scott Stan
Director of the Student Athlete Academic Support Program
Wilma Rowe
Program Assistant
Academic Enrichment Center Instructor

*The First-Year Experience® is a service mark of the University of South Carolina.  A license may be granted upon written request to use the term The First-Year Experience in association with educational programmatic approaches to enhance the first college year.  This license is not transferable without written approval of the University of South Carolina.