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Mission & Vision

The mission of the Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement is to equip individuals and congregations to engage the Scripture in ways that will drive Christian worship, discipleship, community, proclamation, and service. Our vision is to promote engagement with the Scriptures to empower the Christian church passionately knowing God, loving God, and serving the world.


We carry out our mission through four distinct programs:

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Research / Assessment

Producing excellent, honest in-depth research on Scripture engagement and making available diagnostic tools for ministries and individuals.

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Training people directly how to engage Scripture engagement practices.

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Training Trainers

Mentoring ministry leaders on how to motivate and equip the people they serve to engage Scripture individually and corporately.

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To produce and point to excellent Scripture engagement resource materials for individuals and the Church.

Convictions about Scripture Underlying our Vision and Mission:

  • We believe that reading the Scriptures is a relational process. The Bible is the primary means by which we come to know God, it is a revelation of God.
  • We believe that Christ is at the center of the Bible. Both Old and New Testaments point to Jesus.
  • We believe that the principle way that the Holy Spirit works in our lives and in the Church is through the Scripture he inspired and that he illuminates.
  • We believe in the efficacy of Scripture to speak for itself. We believe that by exploring biblical texts creatively and imaginatively we hear Scripture challenging us to submit to the unique claim God is making on our allegiance.


  • Knowing God: To know God, to love him, and to glorify him is the greatest good.
  • Scripture: We value Scripture as being the very Word of God and the primary means of knowing, loving and glorifying him.
  • Cooperation: We value working cooperatively with the whole church of Jesus Christ.
  • Research: We value solid research as a complement to the Scriptures for knowing what and how to teach about engaging Scripture.
  • Community: We value the process of engaging Scripture with others as the most powerful means of spiritual growth.
  • Teaching: We value creative, interactive, discovery oriented teaching.
  • Variety: We value a variety of methods of engaging Scripture, there is not one practice to which all people will respond.
  • Study and Meditation: We value the combination of studying Scripture to understand what it means and meditation on Scripture as the process of incorporating it into our lives.


  • Participants in the programs of the TUCSE will be able to comprehend what Scripture engagement is and why it is central to their spiritual life and to the life of the Church.
  • Participants in the programs of the TUCSE will develop a deep desire, based on their own experience with the Bible, to meet God in His Word.
  • Participants in the programs of the TUCSE will develop the skills to utilize a variety of Scripture engagement practices.