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If you’re looking to grow in your leadership skills, consider Taylor University’s Ph.D. in Leadership program. Leadership—as an executive, teacher, pastor, or other—is a high calling that requires a commitment to lifelong learning. At Taylor, we believe that Jesus Christ is the ultimate Leader and Teacher. We teach biblical principles of leadership and follow the footsteps of Jesus by modeling servant-leadership.

Taylor University is a ranking ACBSP accredited school. Our courses are taught by academically and professionally qualified faculty members who have significant leadership experiences in various contexts. This asynchronous, online program can be completed from anywhere on a timeline that fits with your schedule so that you are able to remain involved with current obligations while pursuing a Ph.D. in Leadership.

Flexibility, however, does not nullify connectivity. The program is cohort-based to promote learning in community with a short summer residency to promote hands-on learning.

Online courses & flexible program structure

50 credit hours (including dissertation)

4 years completion

Course List

This program includes core courses that explore the call to lead, biblical foundations of leadership, the dissertation and research process, and leading change—with concentrations in either educational and organizational leadership.

Core Courses (12 credits)

  • LDR 701 The Call to Lead (3)
  • LDR 702 Intercultural Leadership and Cultural Competencies (3)
  • LDR 707 Biblical Foundations of Leadership (3)
  • LDR 710 Managing People, Leading Change: Organization, Culture and Strategy (3)

Research Courses (23 credits)

  • LDR 703 The Research and Dissertation Process (3)
  • LDR 704 Quantitative Data Analysis for Leadership Research 1 (3)
  • LDR 705 Qualitative Data Analysis for Leadership Research (3)
  • LDR 706 Quantitative Data Analysis for Leadership Research 2 (3)
  • LDR 801 Dissertation Writing Stage I: Dissertation Proposal (3)
  • LDR 802 Dissertation Writing Stage II (3)
  • LDR 803 Dissertation Writing Stage III (3)
  • LDR 804 Dissertation Defense and Final Submission (2)

Paired with Concentrations

Organizational Leadership (15 credits)

  • LDR 708 Leadership Communication (3)
  • LDR 711 Values Based Leadership and Decision Making (3)
  • LDR 712 Leading People in a Technological Age (3)
  • LDR 713 Leading Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3)
  • LDR 714 Servant Leadership in Organizations (3)

Educational Leadership (15 credits)

  • LDR 720 Leading Change in Educational Institutions (3)
  • LDR 721 Foundations of Personal Leadership Development (3)
  • LDR 722 Resource Development in Education (3)
  • LDR 723 Contemporary Issues in Educational Leadership (3)
  • LDR 724 School Governance and Law (3)