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College Dance Team Performs at Halftime

Poms Dance Team


The POMS Dance Team believes in the impact of dance through choreography used as a form of worship and promotion of school spirit. The team seeks to develop a community of gifted dancers who strive for spiritual and physical growth.

Join the POMS Dance Team

Skill Requirements

  • Basic Dance Knowledge
  • Flexibility
  • Leaps
  • Kicks
  • Double Pirouette
  • Sharp Execution
  • Hard Worker
  • Good Character

Time Requirement

The college dance team practices three afternoons each week. In addition, the team performs at some of the home football, basketball (men’s and women’s), and soccer (men’s and women’s) games. The team also performs a halftime routine at the well-known Silent Night basketball game, and is invited to audition as an entertainment act for Airband. Dancers are given the performance schedule weeks in advance and are asked to communicate any conflicts two weeks prior to the performance.

**Team members pay a $25 due per semester to be on the team. Please contact the Coach or Advisor for more information on investment. Additional costs for costumes may apply.


The POMS Dance Team will hold auditions for new members in the fall season. Please contact either our Coach or Advisor for further details about auditions or check out the POMS Instagram: (@tu_poms) for audition dates coming soon.


Coaches: Emily Crosier (, Mia Dominguez (