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Group of Male Students Talking in a Dorm Room


To develop the intentional mindset of Christian community across campus, Taylor offers a variety of spaces that stimulate valuable conversation and fellowship and bring students together for classes, events, and everyday living.

Our academic buildings are equipped with the tools for inspiring curiosity and expanding learning beyond textbook knowledge. With easily accessible offices, professors can answer questions and interact with students outside of the classrooms.

Large and small gathering spaces provide room for students and university organizations to host a variety of events and conferences—from musical performances to guest speakers—for students to learn, worship, and have fun together.

Up-to-date athletic facilities are available to all students to build up their bodies as well as their minds. The space and equipment to work out is free to students, and the gym is conveniently located next to the Dining Commons. Most of our athletic areas have been recently renovated, meeting all NAIA standards and maintaining a professional athletic experience.

Our dining and residence facilities were designed to make Taylor feel like home, sparking communion and camaraderie over every aspect of life together.