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Members of the Black Student Union gathered in a forest

Multicultural Programs & Events

With students from 30 countries worldwide and almost every state, Taylor seeks to provide a home for our multicultural community through the Office of Intercultural Programs. Students from other cultures add a rich global dimension to campus, and it is incredibly valuable to the Taylor community. Still, we also recognize that an international student, American ethnic student, third-culture, or missionary kid might face additional obstacles and struggles in adjusting to life in Upland. We understand the extra layer of difficulties students from other cultures face and strive to serve in helping them to better adapt to a new college environment.

No matter your background or homeland, we hope you find community and support here, experience the beauty of God’s diversity, and enjoy amazing hospitality.

Looking for some books and resources that will help you explore cultural differences and racial reconciliation? Check out these resources.

Intercultural Programming

Students with diverse backgrounds have opportunities to celebrate their culture and educate the broader campus community. These student-led organizations hold powerful events that promote cultural and racial reconciliation and global engagement and highlight the Imago Dei in every person.

International Student Programs

International students, MKs, and TCKs come to Taylor with unique needs, and we understand the importance of providing opportunities to connect as a community while meeting the obstacles and challenges that a student coming from another country would face. This starts immediately when a student arrives for International Orientation, where their peers welcome them from around the world. F-1 students will get legal support and student development care through its two student affinity groups, whose goals are to create a community for its members: