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King Sejong Institute–Upland

Korean Opportunities at Taylor University

Through a partnership between Taylor University and the King Sejong Institute Foundation, in Seoul, South Korea, Taylor students have unique chances to study Korean and experience Korean culture right here in Upland, Indiana. This is only the second campus of the King SeJong Institute, and the only Christian campus, established in the midwestern United States. 

Bachelor of Arts students can fulfill their degree language requirement by taking two years of the Korean language, taught by Korean speakers. All Taylor students can complete liberal arts requirements through Korean cultural classes and history classes.

Why Study Korean?

Learning other languages enriches our lives, opening up our minds to other cultures and ideas. Of all prominent languages in Asia, Korean is by far the easiest to learn. 

  • Korean has often been called a “half-day language,” meaning it’s possible to read and write Korean within a few hours of study. It’s similar in structure to English or Spanish. 
  • Korean is the only language in the world that was intentionally, scientifically crafted. In 1443, King SeJong established the Hangul script to allow all Koreans, regardless of class or education, to read and write. Prior to this, the country used Chinese characters that were difficult to learn and didn’t fit the Korean language well.
  • Students studying Korean courses could have the opportunity to study abroad at Handong Global University or participate in internships at companies like Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia, etc., in South Korea—one of the leading countries in technology and engineering.
  • Despite its small size, South Korea is a globally influential country, with the 14th largest GDP in the world. 
  • South Korea is also the #1 Christian country in Asia, sending out more missionaries and a top location for missionaries—opening a variety of opportunities to Christian Ministries, Youth Ministry, Social Work, and Psychology majors. 
  • Taylor students could even teach English, study abroad during a semester, or take an academic language trip to South Korea during the summer.

Not planning to study abroad in South Korea? All Taylor students can participate in Korean cultural festivals and activities each semester. You can eat Korean food, learn cultural dances, listen to K-Pop music, and hear about the country’s Hallyu (Korea Wave of Korean Pop Culture).

About the King Sejong Institute Foundation

The King Sejong Institute Foundation is a public institution under the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in South Korea. Named after the king who established the Korean alphabet in 1443, the King Sejong Institute was founded to manage Korean language education abroad and inform foreigners about Korean culture.

Through Taylor’s partnership with Handong University and the commitment of the Modern Languages department, the King Sejong Institute is one of its allotted 200 global partners—11th in the United States and 2nd in the Midwest region.

Contact Information

King Sejong Institute—Upland
Taylor University, 1846 Main Street, Upland, IN 46989