Orphans & Vulnerable Children

“Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.” Isaiah 1:17

An estimated 101
children have lost just their father.

An estimated 17.8
children have lost both of their parents.

A Great Need Necessitates a Great Response

As followers of Christ we are called to care for the vulnerable: the orphan, the widow, those with AIDS, the sex trafficked, and poverty stricken. There are an estimated 153 million orphans in the world today (UNICEF). This reality, as well as our biblical mandate to care for those in need, gives cause for action and is the reason Taylor University created a program to equip students to care for orphans and vulnerable children.

Studying Orphan Care at Taylor University

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Students interested in working with orphans and vulnerable children may elect to pair their major area of study with a certificate or minor in orphan care.

The Orphans and Vulnerable Children minor is designed to equip future specialists by allowing them to pair this minor with a variety of fields including public health, law, sociology, medicine, social work, psychology and business. The goal is to overlap with many departments in an effort to provide a basic skill set and understanding of how to work with orphans and vulnerable children from within existing disciplines.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children Courses

Development Psychology Course PSY 250, 250, or 350 3
Behavior Problems of Childhood and Adolescence PSY 305 3
Global Health PBH 110 3
International Law and Justice POS 327 3
Philanthropy and Grant Writing IAS 310 3
Working with Orphans and Vulnerable Children PSY 315 3
Practicum (PSY393; or home dept.) 3