In keeping with Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission, Lighthouse core values and goals are:

  • God-Centeredness
  • Empowering relationships
  • Mutual design
  • Comprehensive administration
  • Qualified leadership
  • Appropriate training
  • Thorough follow-up

Our goals for students participating in our Lighthouse program are to:

Equip for Cross-Cultural Understanding: Students study the cultural, historical, social, and religious aspects of the host country, and the importance of entering another culture as humble servant-learners. They are equipped to walk alongside the local people to begin to understand their lives, beliefs, customs and needs.

Enable Interpersonal Development: Teams develop relationships and work collectively to strategize, prepare and carry out ministry. With this, they learn to effectively partner in love and service with local Christian leaders in a foreign culture.

"Every day was filled with eye-opening experiences, new opportunities to serve, and increased growth among the people and within our team."

– Luke Rutan, Ethiopia Lighthouse Team

Engage in Service Outreach: Students share Christ’s love, mercy, truth and themselves, putting their passion for God into action. They gain experience in cross-cultural outreach, develop their leadership potential, seek justice, grow spiritually and explore God’s purpose for their lives.

Evaluate through Reflection: Experiences, discussion, and journaling serve as catalysts for students to reflect on the biblical view of God’s global purposes. They discover how best to live out His love and truth, explore the diversity of the worldwide church, and develop traits of a world Christian.

"We know He will continue to do wonders beyond anything we can imagine, if only we are willing to be used by Him."

– Maria Marting, Ghana Lighthouse Team