A Christian Liberal Arts University, Est. 1846


A Dedicated, Intentional Community

Even though Taylor hosts students from 33 different countries—students who all have different backgrounds and experiences—they all have two important things in common: a relationship with Jesus Christ and a desire to live out their faith in community.

Through weekly chapel services, faculty mentorship, and peer fellowship, we hope our students have the opportunity to engage in an intercultural environment, support and disciple one another as Christ’s image-bearers, encounter new perspectives, engage in hard conversations, and feel valued and challenged to think deeper in all aspects of life.

Students can also step outside of their comfort zones by serving in our many outreach programs, reaching people from Taylor to Thailand. By serving alongside members of the Taylor community and local churches, our students can expand their understanding of the global church body and gain diverse insight into prevalent cultural issues.

Living Life Together

You will not just graduate Taylor with a degree; your time at Taylor will leave you with a bigger family and a place to always call home. The shared mentality to live life together can manifest itself in many forms across campus. From residence life culture to campus traditions to dining habits, there are many ways to integrate into Taylor life and build this intentional community.

To unify the campus body toward a Christian view of community living, all students, faculty, and staff sign the Life Together Covenant (LTC), a pledge of shared faith that identifies the expectations for Taylor community living. We understand that it’s impossible to create a community with expectations totally acceptable to every member. Nevertheless, certain responsibilities and expectations must be specified to assure orderly community life. When individuals join the Taylor community, they freely and willingly choose to take upon themselves the responsibilities and expectations outlined in this covenant.

This document is more than a list of guidelines; it is a commitment to build one another up in love, put our faith first, and recognize that living out like-minded lives will promote a more united community of believers at Taylor. When each student pledges to undertake the responsibilities and expectations set for one another, we are free to best serve and disciple one another in love (Romans 14:1-23; 1 Corinthians 8:1-13, 10:23-33).

Read the Life Together Covenant