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We appreciate you taking the time to share your evaluation of this candidate with us. In order to give you an idea of our ideal candidate, we would like to tell you a bit about the Taylor University Honors Guild. Students at Taylor University tend to be high achieving. However, the Honors Guild is designed for the curious student. The student who seeks knowledge because of that intrinsic desire to understand how the parts fit together to make the whole; how various disciplines are interrelated. This student studies the liberal arts because they want to think more critically, to understand more fully, and to grow intellectually. They want to listen to new ideas and discuss them with others who care deeply about ideas and their impact. There is a concern for both the local and global community, and a desire to understand those with diverse experiences and perspectives. The Honors Guild seeks to provide an intentional community that connects such like minded students with each other, invested faculty, and opportunities that allow them to flourish. With this in mind, please give us your honest feedback about whether your student is a good fit for this program.

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