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Mild Intervention Licensure Program

The mild intervention licensure program is a series of graduate level courses designed for individuals who are licensed in the state of Indiana and wish to add Exceptional Children: Mild Intervention (P-12) certification to their license. This online program is self-paced, which allows for flexibility as one progresses toward completion of the program.

Candidates desiring the mild intervention licensure must possess a valid Indiana license in elementary education, secondary education or all-grade (P-12). Upon completion of the courses, candidates must meet all state licensure requirements of the Indiana Department of Education which will include content area test(s) for mild intervention.

Program Structure

The structure of the program is unique. Classes are taken in 4 month terms in which you determine the start date and complete coursework at your own pace. You can enroll and begin a course any day of the year.

You can work on a class any time of the day and never have to be online at a specific time. Courses are taught online in an independent study format through Blackboard, our course management system. While the coursework is completed online, some classes require classroom observations and experiences that are completed in the student’s local community. There is no student teaching requirement.

More Information

For additional information about Taylor University’s online Mild Intervention Licensure Program, please read the student handbook or contact:

Dr. Pam Medows
Director, Transition to Teaching/Licensure Programs

Leah Kimbrell
Mild Intervention Licensure Program Advisor


The process for applying to Taylor University’s online Mild Intervention Licensure program requires submission of the following:

Mail license, scores, and transcripts to:

  • Taylor University, Education Department
  • ATTN: Director of Licensure Programs
  • 236 W. Reade Avenue
  • Upland, IN 46989


Tuition is $450 per credit hour. A three credit hour course totals $1,350, and is due at the time of enrollment. Once paid, the student will start the course the next business day and will have four months to finish the course.

Financial aid is not available for the mild intervention licensure program.


Dr. Alexis Armstrong,  a professor in Taylor University's online Transition to Teaching program.Dr. Alexis Armstrong
EdD, University of Northern Colorado, 1988
MAE, San Diego State University, 1983
BA, San Diego State University, 1982

Cheryl Beyioku  Cheryl Beyioku
  EdD, Ball State University, Present
  MA, California State University, 1996
  MUP, State University of New York, 1986
  BA, State University of New York, 1984

Dr. Pam Meadows,  a professor in Taylor University's online Transition to Teaching program.Dr. Pam Medows
EdD, Ball State University, 1997
MAE, Ball State University, 1992
BS, Indiana Wesleyan University, 1972

Dr. Jeremy Mills  Dr. Jeremy Mills
  EdD, University of Kentucky, 2012
  MA, Asbury University, 2003
  BA, Asbury University, 2001

Licensure Frequently Asked Questions

Licensure Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any grade point requirements (GPA) for admission to the program?

No, but the candidate must have a valid Indiana teaching license.

How many classes must I take?

he candidate must meet standards prescribed by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE). For the mild intervention licensure program, the candidate can meet standards with six courses.

Does this program contain field experiences and student teaching?

Student teaching is not required, though the program does contain several courses in which field experiences are mandatory. Since the mild intervention licensure is for P-12, students must complete at least one field experience in an elementary school and one in secondary.

How long will it take to complete the program?

The program is designed to be flexible depending upon the individual candidates. The program could be completed in one year if the candidate is willing to commit the time to the program.

Must I pass state tests?

Yes, please review the Licensure Tests page for complete information.

Can I transfer my Indiana state teaching license to another state?

Most states have reciprocity agreements that make it easier for a licensed teacher to become licensed in another state.

How do I take the required courses?

Courses are taken online; however, field experiences in the classroom are required. Prior to taking courses, the candidate must be accepted into the program.

Do I need to maintain a GPA in the program?

Yes, candidates must maintain a 2.7 GPA and earn at least a C- in all coursework.

What courses must I take first?

SED520 Exceptional Children and SED530 Foundations of Special Education

Can mild intervention courses be waived based on previous coursework taken?

Yes, up to 3 courses can be waived based on coursework taken within the last 10 years.

Is financial aid available?