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Entrance to Taylor University

More Than 350 Local Grade Schoolchildren to Tour/Visit the Taylor University Campus This Week

  • By: James R. Garringer, Director of Media Relations
  • Published:
Taylor University Entrance Wall

Kindergarten and sixth grade students from Blackford and Jay County Schools will be on the Taylor University campus on Tuesday, Sept. 25, and Wednesday, September 26, for Taylor’s annual Walk Into My Future event.

Walk Into My Future was launched three years ago and was originally a partnership between Taylor’s Education Department and the Jay (County) School Corporation. According to statistics provided by Jay Schools, only 48 percent of Jay County graduates go on to any sort of college or career training.

“We were looking for regional areas where we could go,” said Dr. Tim Long, Superintendent of Jay Schools. “Taylor has such a beautiful campus and the education department here is just superior. They have really good people who were willing to take it on. We reached out, they reached back. We grabbed hands and came together on a project, and nothing is better than that.”

“For many years, actually many decades, Taylor’s Education Department has partnered with Jay County and Blackford County Schools on various projects. We see the relationship with both of these school systems as invaluable to the success of our program and for the professional and personal growth for our majors,” said Dr. Ben Hotmire, Assistant Professor of Education at Taylor.

“One of the things that teachers must do for their students is to dream for them—to provide opportunities for them to see what possibilities are out there,” Hotmire added. “The Walk into My Future program and our hosting these children can be part of that process. We can show these children what a college campus looks like, what it feels like, and maybe allow them to dream about what they could do someday. As teachers, we never know when we are making a memory for our students and it’s our hope that this trip to Taylor will be part of a memory and a dream for some of these children."

Each day includes campus tours, Zumba activities, story time, and a lunchtime rally. Hotmire said on Tuesday morning (9/25), approximately 130 kindergarten students from Blackford County Schools will tour the campus and participate in various activities in and around the Euler Science Complex. On Wednesday morning (9/26), approximately 225 sixth graders from Jay County Schools will tour Taylor’s campus.