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I-Light ISP Issues Were Caused by Damaged Cable

  • Published: May 1, 2015 10:30AM

Early Thursday morning, Taylor University experienced an unplanned internet outage that extended from midnight until 6:45 am. I-Light, our Internet Service Provider, confirmed that an AT&T fiber optic cable had been cut in Muncie, Indiana, causing the outage for Taylor University and other area customers (including the Verizon cellular tower just south of campus). AT&T dispatched a technician at 1:30 am to repair the damage to the fiber optic cable. Internet service was restored temporarily at 6:08 am, and then permanently at 6:45 am.

Early Friday morning, there was another unplanned outage. I-Light has not yet provided details, but we have been told the problem was related to the same AT&T fiber run which connects Taylor to I-Light in Muncie.

During both outages, Taylor’s campus network (switches, wireless, router, and servers) was fully operational. On-campus access to Taylor email, Blackboard, TOWER, and other local resources remained functional. Services dependent upon internet access (email to and from off-campus, Gmail, YouTube, Netflix, etc.) were unavailable for approximately 6.5 hours on Thursday morning and another 2.5 hours on Friday morning. Information Technology apologizes for the inconvenience this outage caused and appreciates your understanding that it was outside of our control.

Information Technology is actively working with I-Light on solutions to prevent this type of outage in the future.