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Chemistry Students Present Research for Indiana Academy of Science

  • Published: Apr 13, 2015 2:30PM

Five Taylor University chemistry students presented research at the 130th Annual Meeting of the Indiana Academy of Science at the JW Marriot (Indianapolis) on March 21. 

Emily Hart, senior, presented research entitled Methods for Essential Tremors Assessment: Acoustic Tremor Monitoring (ATM) and Rhythmic Spirals (RS) Methods. Hart has developed a fast and inexpensive method for quantitatively monitoring the progression of the medical condition known as Essential Tremor. 

Jon Gray and Nathan Pavey, a senior and junior respectively, presented research entitled A Novel Method for Observing the Rate Law of High Speed Reactions. Their work involved developing an inexpensive method for quantifying the rates of high speed reactions with equipment readily available in a typical chemistry laboratory.

Drew Pemberton, junior, presented research entitled A Novel Approach to the Interfacing of TGA and FTIR. Drew’s work focused on the integration of instrumental methods to elucidate the thermal decomposition pathways of a few small organic compounds. As an outcome of this work, Pemberton has also developed a laboratory experiment that will be employed in the Analytical Chemistry 2 (CHE302L) course.

Junior Haram Ko presented research entitled Quantitative Analysis of Heavy Metals in Organ Tissues of Lepomis macrochirus. Ko’s work involved catching fish, dissecting organs, extracting metals, and quantifying various heavy metals. The effort is designed to identify any unusually high concentrations of toxic heavy metals that might be preferentially accumulating in specific organs.