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Students in Discussion Sitting around a Round Table.

About the Master of Arts in Higher Education Program

Connect. Form. Inspire.

Try to imagine a more exciting, meaningful, or fulfilling way to spend a lifetime. Think about it: the opportunity to invest yourself in college students during this critical time in their lives is absolutely amazing. Leaders, both historic and contemporary, have recognized that higher education is an incredible lever with which to “move the world.” By working in colleges and universities you will literally change lives and change the world—not a bad way to spend a life and certainly not a bad way to further God’s Kingdom!

The Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Development (MAHE) program at Taylor University is built on the foundation of a unique, longstanding institutional commitment to whole-person higher education. To prepare our students as leaders and educators, our instructional methodology teaches, models, and applies exemplary higher education practices from a Christian perspective.

Our Goal Is To:

  • Connect you to the best of higher educational research, thought, and practice.
  • Form change-agents who combine academic excellence, personal support, and Christ-centered vision.
  • Inspire your future work to encourage and serve college students, nurturing growth and fullness in all areas of their personal and professional lives.

Hear More About MAHE

Listen to Dr. Tim Herrmann, Founder and Professor Emeritus, as he discusses how the MAHE program prepares students for careers in higher education.

Accreditation & Professional Standards

The Higher Learning Commission accredits the academic programs of Taylor University. Taylor partners with these programs for continued quality improvement, disciplinary and professional expectations, and professional preparation in students affairs: