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Hear More About MAHE

Listen to Dr. Tim Herrmann, Graduate Chair and Professor of Higher Education, as he discusses how the MAHE program prepares students for careers in higher education.

MAHE Heritage

In the mid-1960s, Taylor University President Milo Rediger determined that student development programs played a critical role in the educational process. Rediger’s philosophy sees those who work in student affairs as teachers and their classrooms as residence halls, counseling offices, and student government meeting rooms on campus. From that point on, Taylor’s student development educators have been identified, trained, and positioned as members of the faculty.

Since 2007, MAHE has not only helped shape institutional operations and enhance community life at Taylor, but has also become partially responsible for the unique brand of whole-person education for which Taylor is known. MAHE was created so students could learn from those who have helped and are helping make Taylor’s student life so distinct from other colleges.