A Christian Liberal Arts University, Est. 1846

Terrance Volden

Technical Director of Theatre
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  • Professional Education License, Speech and Drama, Sterling College
  • BA, Communication & Theatre Arts, Sterling College


Advice to Incoming Students

Jump in. Take advantage of the Liberal Arts education you are paying for. You don’t realize this until you are out of school, but a liberal arts school offers you so many opportunities you will probably never get after school. Speakers brought in, musicians brought in, quality arts performances and showcases for much cheaper than in the real world, lectures in the science building. The possibilities go on and on. Don’t ease into things. You will most likely only have these 4 or 5 years to soak up all of these experiences. Enjoy.


One of my favorite things in life is missions. I love doing outreaches locally or out of the country. I used to be a missionary in Peru where I have worked in some aspect since I was 14. Most trips were short term, but after college, I did live there full time for 3 years. While there, I planted a church, was acting pastor of that church, taught English, planted feeding programs, worked with youth from the villages, translated correspondence between children and their sponsors, worked with groups of volunteers from the States, and many other things. I have also done some short-term mission work in Guatemala and Nicaragua, but my heart remains in Peru.

I have a wide variety of hobbies and interests. In free time I enjoy books or movies. I also love the outdoors…hiking, fishing, camping, etc. Since I work in theatre, I don’t have a lot of time to be social outside of work, so when I do I like to just talk and catch up.