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Shelby List

Swallow Robin Hall Director
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Why I Came to Taylor

Home grown in the cornfields of Indiana, I was born and raised in a small town similar to Upland. For me, coming to college helped me understand that the people are what make up a community, and community is what makes me feel at home. From the minute I arrived, I was fascinated by college life and loved the mature and challenging conversations that took place in my residence hall. As an undergraduate student, I quickly got involved in Student Development-and once I got my feet wet, I never left! College is such a formational time for students, including myself, and I have grown to realize how much I desire to allow God to use me to be a part of the life-giving work that is taking place. 

After completing my undergraduate degree at Taylor with a major in Communication Studies, I am now returning to pursue a Masters in Higher Education. My time in the classroom has proven to be invaluable, but I am also thankful for the many opportunities Taylor gave me to grow and learn outside the classroom. My heart is for college students, and I desire to cultivate a safe place for them to learn, grow, ask hard questions, and make decisions within the residence hall. It is an honor to work alongside students as they experience such a formational time in their lives, and I am excited to serve the men and women of Swallow Robin as they challenge themselves intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally!