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Rachel McGregor

Assistant Hall Director
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I graduated from Taylor in 2014 with a BA in Studio Art, concentration in photography. I love everything about art, but I also love everything about humans. I spent two and a half years working with international students, both during my undergrad years and after, and those experiences taught me a lot about myself and the way I tick. My dream is to help the students in Gerig and Breuninger learn more about themselves as I continue to learn more about myself, so that we can all live in harmony and challenge each other to do great things. 

I grew up in the mountains of Upstate New York and graduated from Saranac High School. My husband, Kevin, grew up in Freeport, Bahamas and graduated from Grand Bahama Catholic High School. He is a web developer who loves track and field, and he really likes volleyball and watching movies. I really like theme parks, tennis, vanilla lattes, novels, and skiing. We both really like each other.