Nathan White

Nathan White

Assistant Computer Resource Manager

Office Location: Euler 215
Phone: (765) 998-5561

Specialties: biology, chemistry, computer science



B.S, Biology, Minors: Computer Science and Chemistry, Taylor University, 2013

Why I came to Taylor:

I was offered a position in the Computer Science Department, and, having not yet applied for graduate schools, I decided that this was the appropriate next step until I get into a graduate program or the Lord calls me to something else.

Advice to incoming students:

Though this is phrase is overused, plan ahead.  As to your coursework, it is incredibly important to be thinking about how what you are learning can be applied to life outside of Taylor.  As to life in general, start thinking in terms of a four year goal, a ten year goal, and a fifty year goal, and, to the best of your ability develop a plan as to how meet your goals. 


I enjoy running, hiking, swimming, hanging out with friends, reading, programming, Tae Kwon Do, and building things.