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Lindsay Hubbell

Hall Director of Campbell Hall
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I believe living in a residence hall is one of the best and most challenging experiences a person can have. No matter the level of participation in hall events, a resident’s understanding of people evolves when he/she has to live with others of different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Granted, the residents of Campbell Hall are living in apartments, not regular residence halls, but they are still living in community and with that comes a responsibility and privilege to befriend and respect one another.

As the hall director of Campbell, my goal is to see my residents learn how to adapt to their new environment together through the love of Christ. I recently graduated with a BS in Psychology from John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Ark., and I understand the joy that comes from being accepted in the community at Taylor University. I desire to return that acceptance back to my residents and to walk the path of life by their sides.

I have a passion for building relationships with my residents due to my love for their dreams, desires, and fears for their futures. I want to hear their stories so when they leave these apartments they can be assured they were known, loved, and cherished by those they came in contact with.

I am not only living among the men and women of Campbell, but I am also a fellow student. I may not be an undergrad at Taylor, but I am grateful for the opportunity to be a graduate student in the Higher Education program Taylor offers. Just like my residents who are ending their time at Taylor, I will soon experience the anticipation and excitement that comes after completing my studies at Taylor.