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Lauren Oliver

Wolgemuth Hall Director
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Why I Came to Taylor

Lauren Oliver graduated from Gordon College in May 2014 with a BA in Business Administration. She also received minors in Youth Ministry and Nonprofit Management.

In her undergraduate experience, she was aware of her desire to work in Higher Education, so she involved herself in many of the opportunities available on the college's campus. Her senior year she was privileged to work with Gordon College's Vice President of External Affairs through the Presidential Fellows Program. Before that much of her experience was directly related to student development. She served as a Resident Assistant for two years, a teacher's assistant, mission trip leader, and intern to the Director of Residence Life. In 2013-2014, Lauren participated in the Elijah Project, Gordon College's vocationally-focused honors program. Her undergraduate experience was full of many memories, but she is more than thrilled to begin her time at Taylor as the new Hall Director of Wolgemuth Hall.